Human Resources



At the start of each project, we adopt a methodical approach to resourcing according to your project’s needs, the team’s strengths and the capacity of the available resources.

Their vision for the company is to:

General HR Assistance

VBreda Consulting can provide the following HR expertise: Payroll Administration, IR Assistance, Recruitment assistance, providing standard employment contracts, implementing sustainable HR processes.

VBreda Consulting will assess the needs of your company and assist you to set up and manage internal HR processes that can either be maintained by us, or be handed over to your internal resources to continue. We understand that structure follows strategy and often companies start with the best intentions, but then start to feel the pressure as they grow busier because basic HR Administration is not taken care of. We are able to audit your current processes, standardise a set of practices for your company, and ensure that your internal resources are adequately equipped to continue excellent processes. If you would prefer that VBreda Consulting continues to manage this for you, we are able to do so under an agreed retainer agreement.

Learning and Development

Strategy, training plans, WSP, processes, training design and development, training facilitation.

An integral part of any company is to ensure that your employees have the necessary skills required to do their jobs. VBreda Consulting is able to assist you from diagnosis of skills gaps to finding solutions to meeting those gaps. We have the capability to develop in-house training programmes, or through our network of training companies, can source the required solution for you. We will assist you to keep track of employee training records, and compile your Workplace Skills Plan and submit to the SETA if required.

HR and Change Project Management

Are you going through a company restructure? Are you implementing a new system? Are you turning your company around?

Let us assist you to manage the project and ensure that your project team stays aligned and the project delivers what is intended. We will be able to mobilise your resources, and if necessary, provide some of our own to assist you in a successful project rollout.

Business HR Coaching

We will assist you in upskilling your employees to complete HR Administration in all spheres. If your company is small, it may not be economically viable to employ an HR Team or an HR Manager. We are able to coach your current employees to effectively maintain HR best practices within your company.

HR Employee Coaching

Have you hired an HR employee and they need some assistance in wrapping their heads around all of the responsibility?

We can assist by providing structure and expertise to any of your HR employees to make them better business partners.